An Oriental rug adds warmth, sophistication, and style to any home. It is always a welcome addition. If you are starting from scratch with a new home or furniture, a fine Oriental Rug is the ideal beginning. You can always find your favorite color and design in our wide selection of rugs.Our rugs can be tried in your home before purchase. East Coast Rugs rugs add color and distinction to a room. They are easy to service and a life long possession.

We carry a wide variety of modern contemporary design and traditional hand-made rugs. Our wide selection of hand-made rugs come from the following countries of origin; Afghanistan, Balouchistan, China, Sino-Persia, India (Heriz, Mahal, Bijar,Tabriz, Kashan, Sarabend, Sarouk, Shirvan to name a few), Iran, Tibet, Pakistan (Bokhara), the Caucasus and Turkey. We carry a wide range of sizes in all types as well as runners and small display rugs. Some of the above rugs are available in program sizes.

In addition, we carry a wide selection of Karastan, 828 Trading Company, Oriental Weavers, Nourison Power Loom, Couristan and other brands of machine made rugs.

We have accumulated an unbelievable selection of used and trade-in rugs over the last 100 years and our prices cannot be matched. We extensively clean and refurbish every used rug before offering it for sale. Our rugs add color and distinction to any room. They are easy to service and a life long possession.

Learn How An Oriental Rug Is Made

Each style of rug is distinctive and each rug is unique, because of variations in dye and design, as well as weaving techniques. Tribal rugs have mostly geometric designs, while city rugs have more sophisticated floral designs and village rugs are “middle of the road” between city and tribal.